Publication: Design Bureau | Interior Designers Speak 

“Inspired by the ocean view, Gorsline pulled the outdoors in with a calming color palette to create a relaxed vibe at the Penthouse West Residence. She even had the mirrors angled just right s you can see the ocean’s reflection upon entering the space.”

LS: What strikes you first about a room?
Marcie Gorsline (MG): It’s the mood or lighting. When I meet a client and see their space-it speaks to me, and I try and honor the space. If I put down a fabric that I thought might look good, I’ll know right away if it’s a big “NO” My gut tells me this. That comes from building confidence in the beginning of my career. You have to listen to those little cues.

LS: Not only are you a designer, but you’re also an artist, and you started your career painting. D you use your fine art skills in your design work?
MG: In the beginning, being able t picture a completed project helped me transition because thats what I did with my art. People ask me if I miss art, but thee is something about design, especially projects that I get t design from the ground up, that give me that same high. When things go wrong, I get an adrenaline rush from it. I think how are we going to fix it? The challenges that come along inspire and reinvigorate me. And it’s not only the challenfes. I love seeing a client live in a house they are happy with. People spend their lives in this space, raise their kids, entertain their friends in this space-and you are a part of that.